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Girl and roses

My name is Helene and I'm from Norway. And I enjoy to be here at PicMix. Nice to meet you all. Most of you are a cozy bunch. :) :x AND don't give 2 or 3 just for to drag creators down. if you don't like it, let be to vote.

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Own drawing.
My own creation.
Poor pussy.
Dove Jenny.
Maria Lisa.
Little cute Nina.
Little miss Sophia,
Miss Blue.
Sinita and her beloved bird.
Miss Linnea 2
Miss Sophia.
For you!
Rose in a heart.
Dark pink rose.
Roses in different collors...
Lilac tullips.
An animal friendly girl.
Silhouette of a wolf.
The angel Nikita.
Lana with her wolf.
Wolf 4
Wolf friendly girl.
An animal friendly girl.
Wolfs 3
He wags his tail.
White and black cat.
White Cat.
White wolf 4
Artic fox and a wolf.
Pinkred boquet.
White Rose.
Red rose on green
Pink Rose above water.

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Farvede roser.Roser..Lilla roserPink rosesOrange flowersBird and flow.BuquettFlowersRosesRed roses 2Horse.PearlLadyGosesSvans 2Rabbit 8

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· den 5 februari 2020
thanks stella
· den 4 februari 2020
God kveld Helen! Tusen takk for hyggelige besøk, stemmer og kommentarer! Jeg ønsker deg en lykkelig uke! Hei fra Latvia! Natalia :) >:D<
· den 3 februari 2020
Buonasera Helene, grazie per i commenti e le note.
Passate una buona serata.
Angels are watching over us
· den 2 februari 2020
Hello Helene, thank you for the nice comment.
· den 1 februari 2020
Grazie Stella per i gentili commenti e le note.
Felice serata, baci Paola
· den 31 januari 2020
Buonasera Stella, grazie per i tuoi gentili commenti.
Felice fine settimana, Paola
· den 30 januari 2020
Grazie Stella per la tua visita.
Felice serata
Ma création ✿ 💖 ‿💖 ✿
· den 29 januari 2020
Hello Stella,
Thanks very much for your nice com and rating
Have a great day
Hugs and Kisses
· den 28 januari 2020
Grazie Stella per i bei commenti.
Felice serata, baci Paola
Ma création ✿ 💖 ‿💖 ✿
· den 27 januari 2020
Good morning Stella,
Thanks so much for your kindly visit, very nice com and rating
I wish you have a very nice Monday and a good new week
Hugs and Kisses

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